Stephen Kilgore

Week two has been completed. My assignments for week one and two have been graded and I have high As on both of them, meaning I’m on track for an A in my first doctoral course, BADM 734 – Corporate Finance: Fiscal Management in a Global Climate.

The reading has been pretty dense and the assignments are based on case studies whereby the doctoral student must give consultative advice within the parameters of questions posed by a hypothetical client based on the case study. Overall, it feels like a more in-depth version of previous finance coursework as part of my MBA, but I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of finance. I prefer other functional business areas such as operations, accounting and marketing. Still, a basic grounding in financial concepts is an imperative pre-requisite for any well-rounded business scholar.

I feel like I’m adjusting well to the more rigorous workload and more strict assignment structure in the traditionally paced doctoral program versus my competency-based MBA. I’m actually considering the possibility of taking on an extra course next semester to maintain momentum, provided my work schedule allows. I’m in the middle of a rather large project at work to re-implement our entire fintech stack (think ERP system, billing system, and payment processor, and Salesforce CRM) for which I am the sole technical resource, so time is a commodity until the project’s scheduled go-live. Still, it may be possible.

One thing I thought the university was lacking was a comprehensive orientation to the doctoral program at the beginning of the studies, but I’m happy that part of week three is a detailed orientation offered by the graduate school of business for doctoral students on the PhD or DBA track. I got the following email for it:

I will definitely be attending, as I’d love to gain more insight into the dissertation process and the doctoral comprehensive exams process, even though both of those are several years away after I complete all of my doctoral coursework. It’s good to start preparing early in the program.

Anyway, so far so good. Not much else to report. Will check back in next week!

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