Stephen Kilgore

Today, I finally registered for my first semester as a PhD student. University of the Cumberlands operates on a quarter schedule, so 2 8 week terms per semester.

The PhD is set up in the following manner:

  • Doctoral Business Core (21 hrs)
  • Research Courses (21 hrs)
  • Specialization Courses (24 hours) (For me, this will be comprised of doctoral level marketing courses)
  • A comprehensive exam
  • Dissertation/Dissertation Defense

I’m following the program pretty linearly and will be starting with my first class of the doctoral business core, advanced managerial accounting. I’m a bit nervous, as accounting is definitely one of the more notoriously difficult domains in business, but I should be fine. I undertook a managerial accounting class as part of my MBA and I work with ERP systems as part of my job, so I’m regularly exposed to accounting fundamentals in the course of my daily work.

Classes start on August 24th. I don’t think I’ll have much to say until then. I know that the transition from WGU to a more traditional learning format will probably be difficult. At WGU, there are no individual assignment due dates. It’s competency based, so once you pass the competency exams, you can move on to your next course. This program, like many others, is traditional in the fact that there are actual assignments with actual due dates. I’ll have to get back into the study mode of my old college days from when I was at Georgia Southern!

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