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Wow, time flies. I’ve had a massively busy time at work, and although I’ve stayed on top of my coursework, I did forget to post about last week, so I’ll include it here and bundle weeks four and five together.

First, let’s talk about my work life. As mentioned previously, I’m the sole subject matter expert on a project-team with the goal of re-implementing my company’s entire financial tech stack, including ERP, billing system, and payment processor/gateway. This week was our first product demo to stakeholders for a project that we’ve been working on for almost a year, so a lot of time for this week and last week was spent making sure that we had things buttoned up for the first demo. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but there’s still so much to do before our Q1 2021 go-live.

Last week’s assignment was probably the most difficult one as it did involve a fair bit of financial calculation, but I still did well. I mentioned in the last post that during week four, we had a further meeting for business doctoral students discussing the ins and outs of the comprehensive exam. I was unable to make it to that, but I reached out to the program chair for a video copy of the meeting. I’m hoping to get that soon so I can write about it next week.

This week’s assignment was fairly easy as it focused more-so on understanding of concepts versus financial calculations. It also only covered two chapters instead of the usual three, so it felt like more of a break there. Still waiting for the assignment to be graded, but pretty sure I did okay. I’ve held on to my A in this class pretty well, despite not really being a huge fan of finance. I’m looking forward to having this class in the rearview mirror!

Luckily, since my work revolves around ERP, I think I’ll structure my research paper for this course around ERP/FP&A in SMBs. I still have some thinking to do, but I definitely want to take a practical approach in this paper, simply because I’m knowledgeable in the practical applications and because writing a research paper on financial theory seems like a total snooze-fest for me.

Registration for next semester opens soon and I’m seriously considering taking more courses than I did this semester. I’m only taking one class per eight week term this time around. I’m seriously considering two per term next semester. This finance class, although annoying, is very similar to what I covered in my MBA, so I’m a little worried that I may be overestimating my abilities because of previous familiarity with the topic, so the jury’s still out on whether or not I will attempt a heavier workload next semester. My work project is also slated to be finished the first week of January, which may bring with it some extra hours at work, particularly if deployment is met with challenges. Anyway, I guess time will tell! I don’t think anyone reads this, but if you do, see you next week!

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