Stephen Kilgore

Week three of my doctoral program is completed, only 205 more weeks to go!

This week was pretty uneventful. For the first half of the semester, I’m taking doctoral level corporate finance and this week mostly focused on capital budgeting and making decisions using internal rate of return and net present value. This is part of the doctoral business core that every PhD and DBA student in the department must take as part of their degrees. There are 7 core courses covering most of the functional areas of business. In addition to that, there are 8 courses for your doctoral specialization (mine is Marketing) and a further 7 courses in doctoral research, including the dissertation. Overall, the program is 22 courses, 66 hours. I should finish in 2024 as long as the dissertation phase doesn’t take longer than expected.

Week 3 was great because we got a lot of information about important topics such as the dissertation process, choosing a dissertation topic, choosing a dissertation chair, choosing a dissertation committee, the actual writing of the dissertation, and finally the oral dissertation defense. The department chair was immensely helpful in answering all of the questions from the doctoral students.

This week, we have another departmental information session covering the comprehensive exams and how to set ourselves up to be able to pass the doctoral comprehensive exams prior to beginning our dissertations. I am hoping it will be as informative and fruitful as the first information session regarding dissertations.

Overall, I’ve had to be pretty diligent in making sure I keep myself accountable as I’m currently juggling this with full time work as a software engineer.

I have so far until the end, but I just gotta take it a week at a time!

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